75 ft Obstacle Course

75 ft Obstacle Course (2 pieces: 40 Obstacle & 35ft Incline)

    • Actual Size: 15Wx75L
    • Setup Area: 20wX 80L
    • Age Group: 3-50

      Regular Rental Price up to 6 hours:$640.00
      Rentals up to 12 Hours with same day pickup:$768.00
      2 Day Rentals:$960.00
      3 day Rentals:$1,600.00

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75 ft Obstacle Course 

Race through this 75' Obstacle Course inflatable race course. This 2 person obstacle course is a fun and exiting race course for kids to adults of all ages. The 75 ft Obstacle Course is a combanation of the 40 ft Obstacle Course and 35' Incline Obstacle Course is  to make for a mega longer obstacle course. 

Two riders can play at a time as they race through countless different elements. Riders start off by going through the entrance (1) red arches, than under the (2) tunnels and around the (3) horizontal popups, now riders climb the (4) climbing wall and down the (5) dual lane slide and out the (6) red arches. The second piece of the 75' Obstacle Course has (7) vertical popups hanging, (8) vertical wall, (9) horizontal popups, (10) X shaped obstacle structure, and lastly (11) dual lane slide down to the finish line.

The customer has the option of setting up the 40 Obstacle Course first or the 35 Incline Obstacle Course first. Customer can also setup and use the 3 pieces separately if they like. This makes our 75 Obstacle Course very versatile in the ways you can use the product.  

40 ft Obstacle Course35 ft incline obstacle

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